Not King of Prussia Mall Furniture

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In last week’s post, using retail sources including several King of Prussia Mall furniture stores, I redecorated a Newtown Square sunroom to demonstrate my Design Action Plan service.

This week I am showing you the same room, but have used my designer trade resources.  These are vendors that I commonly use and visit at High Point Market.

Retail sources cater to the mass market so they are not as unique as what I can find through my trade sources.  When I handle purchasing, the design I can create is more integrated because I have so many more vendors to find the “perfect” piece.

I think you will agree that the difference between the two designs is quite dramatic.


This Ain't from King of Prussia Furniture Stores


Below is last week’s design using furniture King of Prussia Mall furniture stores like Ethan Allen, Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn.  Some items cost more from my vendors, some cost less, but they would have very similar final budget numbers.

Online and King of Prussia Furniture and Accessories





Newtown Square Interior Design

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Newtown Square Interior Design

Remember the Newtown Square sunroom in need of an Interior Designer?   To demonstrate my Design Action Plan service, I designed this room using retail sources that a client could shop themselves.  I created a simple, easy to execute plan of action for creating a beautiful space.  With a quick drive from Newtown Square to King of Prussia mall and a few clicks of a mouse, this decor can be purchased for approximately $13,000. Once you add in painting, electrical work, hardwood flooring, and a contingency, the total budget for this Real Estate Renovation is around $20,000..

Because, my Design Action Plans are being executed by the homeowner, all items are easily interchanged with similar substitute items.  If an item is discontinued because you took a while to purchase it, or if  you find a similar sofa elsewhere that is more comfortable, it is easy to switch out items without compromising the design.

If you are holding back from an Interior Design project because you are afraid of making mistakes, dread shopping, or feel overwhelmed, my Design Action Plan service may be right for you.  Please contact me to discuss your project.

Newtown Square Interior Design

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Sunroom Decorating

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Sunroom Decorating 101

When decorating a sunroom, the primary goal is often to draw the eye outside.  At night or in winter,  a sunroom should still feel warm and inviting so warm bright colors are recommended.

Because it is not a primary living space, the functionality of a sunroom is very flexible. A sunroom can have unique functionality that works for your lifestyle. How about a:

  •  small dining table
  •  bar cart for entertaining
  •  meditation area
  •  game table
  • chaise with a reading lamp

Be sure to use indoor/outdoor fabrics that will avoid fading.  In sunrooms that are more open to the elements, outdoor furniture and fabrics are a must.

A Sunroom in Need

A recent real estate listing in Newtown Square had a listing photo of a sunroom that looked perfect for my latest “Real Estate Renovation”.  This interior looked out of place in the beautiful luxury home, listed at over $1MM.  Looking past the orange paint and dated pink floors, the beautiful views and unique shape of the room are great bones for creating a beautifully decorated sunroom.

Sunroom Decorating Before
Sunroom Decorating – Candidate for Real Estate Renovation


For our latest real estate renovation, I will be decorating this sunroom as a hip oasis with an asian flair for the new owners.  In order to demonstrate how my Design Action Plan service works, all selections for this virtual renovation will be available online or from national retailers.


Seeking a 36″ Bathroom Vanity

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The first thing I need to select for this powder room is a knockout bathroom vanity. There are hundreds of wallcoverings out there, but not nearly as many choices in bathroom vanities that will come in the required size.    So,in cases like these that is where to start with your selections. In powder rooms, if there is room for a vanity and not just a pedestal sink, I like to use a freestanding furniture vanity as opposed to one made out of cabinetry.  For my virtual makeover, I am looking at bathroom vanity options that are 36″ wide.

In this particular case, I am looking for a bathroom vanity to complement to the existing Kohler Portrait toilet in biscuit. Yes, I can look at a toilet and know who makes it, my mother is so proud.


Before you buy a Bathroom Vanity:

  • Take your measurements from the baseboard.  You don’t want to have to cut the legs or base of your vanity around the baseboard.
  • Take a look at your plumbing drain pipes- if they go through the floor you will want to avoid a floating vanity or one with tall legs.
  • Do the undertones of the paint or cabinet top match other items in the room that you are keeping?


Kingswood by Avanity Bathroom Vanity
Kingswood by Avanity



James Martin Furniture 36" Castilian Bathroom Vanity
James Martin Furniture 36″ Castilian Bathroom Vanity
Home Decorators Collection 36" Keys Vanity
Home Decorators Collection 36″ Keys Vanity
home decorators montaigne 37 inch bathroom vanity
Home Decorators Collection Montaigne 37″ Vanity
Ronbow Le Manns 36" Bathroom Vanity
Ronbow Le Manns 36″ Bathroom Vanity Base
Cole Grayson Bathroom Vanity

Cole & Co. Grayson Vanity


Bathroom Vanity
Ambella Home Voranado Contempo Sink Chest




Wayne, PA Bathroom Remodel

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Wayne PA bathroom remodel

Via Realtor,com

The latest candidate for a “Real Estate Renovation” is this powder room listing photo from a luxury home in the Ravenscliff neighborhood in Wayne, PA.

Why did I pick this one?

  • Considering the price of this home, there is nothing special or unique about this powder room.  I would like to show you the possibilities here.
  • The maple cabinets, granite countertops, and dark red paint indicate the last redo was done in the ’90’s/early 2000’s.
  • There are beautiful wood floors and the toilet is fine so this is a quick, minor cosmetic upgrade.
  • Redoing a powder room is one of the smallest/easiest ways for a homeowner timid about remodeling to get their feet wet.
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