The initial consultation with Main Line designer, Lisa Quale, is the first step towards transforming your home. Here’s what you can expect during this exciting, interactive meeting for exploring possibilities.

In advance of the appointment, we will send you a questionnaire to get started on the process and make our valuable time together as effective as possible. The questionnaire addresses your household’s functional needs for things like entertaining or pets, as well as your personal style, color, and pattern preferences.

All adult decision makers in the household should attend our first meeting so everyone has a voice and understanding of the process. We’ll talk about your goals for your project so I can begin to formulate a direction for the design. Meanwhile, I will explain my design process and give you the opportunity to ask any and all questions.

If time allows, photographs and measurements will be taken.

The initial design consultation differs depending upon the project at hand. Below, see what you can expect for construction & remodeling project consultations, DIY consultations, and decorating consultations.

Construction & Remodeling Consultations

This one-hour meeting is about determining if we’re a good match. If our schedules don’t align, it’s best to know early, so you’re free to pursue a designer who can work with your timeline. In addition, we’ll go over any Pinterest or Houzz inspiration boards you’ve been collecting, discussing the specific elements that you’d like to see in your remodel. We’ll review the next steps of the project, and afterwards, I will draft a proposal with an estimate of the hours and resources necessary to complete it.

DIY Consultations

Even if you prefer to complete your project on your own, a consultation with Main Line Designer, Lisa Quale is invaluable. Based upon our conversation, we will draft an executable plan with the guidance you need to feel confident about your DIY remodeling or decorating project. After meeting in your home to discuss your needs, goals, and dilemmas for 1 or 2 rooms, you’ll receive a detailed follow-up report with our solutions.

In general, you can expect a DIY consultation to last one to two hours, with an additional two hours to create your plan.

Decorating Consultations

Unlike remodeling consultations, decorating consultations are working meetings during which the focus is strictly design. You may be invited to review photos so I can define your personal style. When couples have different preferences, this time is especially vital.

Budgeting for furniture can be daunting, since quality, details, and customization widely influence price. To make the process easier, I’ll bring a spreadsheet that explains pricing for various levels of quality, empowering you to decide on a comfortable budget for each item. After discussing, I will draft a consultation summary detailing all of the items you need and a budget range for each.

We’ll discuss how we’ll work together to complete your project as well as the time and resources that will be needed.

Lisa Quale Interiors

Our design consultations are tailored to determine your unique style and address the functional and budgetary aspects of the project. It’s an excellent start to designing a distinctive space you’ll be proud to call your own.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation.