What to choose, what to choose?????

I pored over luxury home real estate listings (partially because it is fun) trying to find the perfect first room for a virtual renovation. There were many good candidates, some I saved for later, and some that needed many more hours than I could give in just three blog posts.  Eventually, I selected this dining room for a virtual renovation.

via realtor.com®

This 4,500 square foot real estate listing has 6 bedrooms and the kitchen was renovated within the last 6 years.  The dining room has three large windows and a double entrance door into the kitchen.  The wall you can’t see holds a large china cabinet. A tiny piece of the cabinet is visible on the top left.   Based on my analysis of the photograph, the room is 18′ x 14′ and has 8′ ceilings.

The wall color is actually quite similar to the controversial 2015 Pantone color of the year, Marsala.

PANTONE COLOR OF THE YEAR 2015 - Marsala 18-1438


My virtual clients, let’s call them, “Pete and Nancy”, are hosting Thanksgiving for the first time in their new home in Wayne, PA.  They have hand-me-down dining room furniture.  They have decided that it is time to get some grown up furniture now that their kids are older and they intend on staying in this house.  They want make this room a very special place in their home but aren’t sure how.  The adjacent kitchen is very light and bright and has green in it and they would like this space to feel more connected to the kitchen.


Some green, but not a green room

Traditional furniture

New furniture, lighting, draperies and rug