My virtual renovation of this Wayne, PA real estate listing’s dining room is underway.

As you can see in the listing photograph, the wainscot (woodwork below the chair rail) is painted a contrasting white.  This draws attention to the fact that the room is asymmetrical and the strong contrast draws your eyes away from other elements in the room.   For this renovation, I am removing the wainscot and want to draw attention to the ceiling instead.  Adding a beautiful ceiling medallion and applied molding design to the ceiling will add some architectural interest and wow-factor to this room.

Dining Room Ceiling Plan

Adams Medallion

 via Decorator’s Supply

It is already looking amazing and we have just gotten started!  I was on the fence about whether to use a buffet or a tall china cabinet as I felt either would work in the space, but once I found this stunner, the decision was made.

via Hickory White

Dining Room Head Chairs

 via Hickory Chair


via F. Schumacher  

I think the room is big enough that doing a great contemporary print on the head chairs would add some personality to the space.  This bargello flamestitch weave from the Mary McDonald Collection for Schumacher is just the thing.  A mix of olive, mint, blush, greige, and brown, this fabric sets the tone for a soft, but dramatic space.   Because the adjacent room is painted green, I want this room to have some green in it but I want the green to be the accent color, and not the primary color.

Tune in next time when I reveal the renovated dining room.