Design Partner

professional guidance for all the projects on your list.


Picture the joy of a well-decorated home. 

Imagine looking around your home and thinking, “Nothing to update here!” Wouldn’t it be great if all of your interior decorating needs were met and your warm and inviting space perfectly reflected your family’s style? You could spend more time enjoying your home and less time critiquing it. 


But then, the overwhelm sets in.  

You start to itemize all the things you want to update and you suddenly find yourself in analysis paralysis. You’re not sure how to put it all together, so you end up putting your interior decorating updates on hold … yet again. You’re tired of looking at all the things you want changed in your house, but without knowing where to start, you’re left doing nothing. 

Instead, you can get the beautiful space you’ve always wanted with a professional Interior Designer by your side. 



A flexible way to get those interior decorating projects off your list, with help from a trusted advisor.

Here are just some of the ways you’ll benefit from our Design Partner service:

design with intention

You could put up 10 paint swatches to find the perfect shade of beige or buy a few pillows to “complete” the look. But it isn’t just about the paint and pillows; it’s about designing a place for your family to create memories. At Lisa Quale Interiors, we take a holistic approach to your interior decorating so that every piece works in tandem to provide the cohesive and comfortable elegance you want.

access to our resources

We combine your unique style with our trade resources and expertise to create your happily, better after. Our quality craftsmen, fabricators, and installers will execute your project to our exacting standards. As a trusted Main Line Interior Designer for almost 15 years, we’ve built relationships and gathered resources that set us apart. This gives you access to more customized interior decorating solutions and truly unique pieces to elevate your space. 


Design Partner gives you the flexibility to have a highly qualified Interior Designer by your side when you need it most. We’ll work with the pieces you have and find the perfect additions. You also don’t need to do everything at once; we’ll help you develop a big-picture plan and then break it down into manageable phases to suit your budget and goals. 

Design partner
is perfect for you if:

✓ You have a long list of projects you want to get done in your home

✓ You want to work in phases, or on an “as needed” basis 

✓ You’ve recently moved or purchased a new home

✓ You’ve been in your home for years and are ready for an update

✓ You don’t require construction management

Interior Designer Ardmore PA

how it works

Step 1: Set Project Direction

We’ll help you develop or prioritize your design wish list by breaking it down into actionable phases. The plan for your project will be set by your unique goals, budget, and timeline. 

Step 2: Design

We’ll start with an initial 20-hour time block, making selections and recommendations for your list, adding smaller time blocks, if needed, to finish out your project.   

Step 3: Plan & Activation 

We’ll put your projects into motion and guide you along the way to select signature pieces for your home. Each one will be chosen with intention to work with what you have and fit your budget and functional needs.

Investment: Starting at $2,800

Whether you’ve just moved into your home, and are trying to erase the former homeowner’s style, or you’ve been in your home for 20 years and are ready to make a change, Design Partner makes the process so much easier. 

Get an expert
Interior Designer
by your side,
so you can finally
cross those items
off your list.​

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