Dream Transformation

Our signature, high-touch service to oversee every detail of your interior design project.

Bathroom Remodeling

So, you’re ready for a change.


Not just some minor improvements, but a major change that will completely transform the look and feel of your space. You have big ideas for building, decorating or remodeling your home so you can spend everyday in a beautiful and functional space.  You’re excited to transform your house into the comfortable and updated home you’ve been dreaming of- a truly beautiful space for your family to enjoy for years to come.  


There’s just one thing holding you back … 

All the moving parts. You can only imagine all the pieces that must be involved in bringing your interior design project to life. There’s knowing where to start, sourcing different products, managing construction, etc… Even if you knew what to do at every phase, you and your family lead busy, active lives. To juggle all aspects of your interior design project while balancing everything else sounds overwhelming. 

Instead, you can have an interior design team working on your behalf, managing the entire process.



A start-to-finish interior design service to bring your vision to life. 

With this signature interior design program, you can expect:

a transformation that feels like you

Our collaborative approach will guide you through the entire process of designing, remodeling, and building a home that’s not only unique, but a reflection of your family’s personal style. After all, we’re creating an inviting living space that will serve as the backdrop of your life. The investment you make in your home will improve your life everyday.

peace of mind as we manage every detail

From concept to completion, we’ll oversee and execute every part of the design process so you can save time, money, and stress. We have a proven, 14-step system that handles every detail, including contractor meetings, ordering and tracking items, arranging deliveries, final styling, and more. You’ll have complete peace of mind knowing we’ve covered it all.

our eyes on any issues

With large-scale interior design projects, unforeseen issues can often arise that threaten your timeline or budget. Our job is to minimize these issues upfront. As soon as construction begins, we manage your project, answer questions on-site, and advocate for your needs.  With almost 15 years of construction and remodeling experience, you will benefit from our expertise, relationships, and ideas throughout the process.

This Service
is Perfect For You If:

✓ You want a professional design, building, and remodeling expert to bring your family’s vision to life. 

✓ You need more than just ideas or guidance; you want someone to oversee the entire interior design process (i.e. management, coordination, execution, purchasing, and installation). 

✓ You seek a highly collaborative process where you can share your family’s unique style and dreams. 

✓ You want to be quoted a fixed rate.

Interior Design Media, West Chester, Berwyn, Devon, PA
interior design consultant

Projects Include:

✓ Kitchen remodels 

✓ Bathroom remodels 

✓ Home additions 

✓ Full-room decorating projects 

✓ Custom built-ins, millwork details

✓ Custom or semi-custom homes

Investment: Fixed fee determined by your project scope + hourly project management fees.

Whether you live in an older home, or are building a new construction home, we’ll bring all the pieces together for you, so that you can focus on enjoying your new space.

Let’s turn your house into your dream home.

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