Great Room Interior Decorator West Chester, PA

A Great Great Room

Interior Decorator West Chester, PA

When my clients sought out an Interior Decorator for their new construction home near West Chester, PA,  they were moving from a 1960’s brick colonial with low ceilings and small windows to a new home with high ceilings and huge windows.  

The rules of interior decorating change in these new environments.  Things that worked in your old house, might not work in this new light and airy space.  These clients wanted a fresh start for furnishing the grand foyer and great room in their new home.  


Detail Interior Decorator West Chester PA

First, I drew up a floor plan of the new space to determine the sizes of furniture and area rugs we would be looking for.  I prefer that clients sit on their sofas before buying so we went to a showroom together to find a sofa and TV chairs they would feel comfortable in everyday that also fit our style and size requirements.   

I found that the clients were drawn to fabrics with a dreamy, painted quality again and again, so we incorporated those in our draperies and pillows.  The hand drawn pattern along the edge of the draperies draws the eye to the gorgeous view and takes full advantage of the lofty ceilings.  This room feels so inviting, calm, and airy.  

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