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These Interior Design clients came to me mid-way through making building material selections on their semi-custom home near Malvern, PA. They were moving into a low-maintenance, retirement dream home.  The white shaker cabinets and white veined tile in the bathrooms had felt like easy choices, but then the decisions got harder.

Where would their current furniture go in the new office?

What furniture did they need to buy to fit in the new home?

Where would their art collection go?

How do you pick a house full of paint colors that work together?

Where should the lighting go, and how do we pick 15 decorative fixtures?

Kitchen Interior Design Malvern PA
Kitchen Interior Design Malvern PA

With so many design choices to make, they decided they needed my guidance to turn their project into the dream home worthy of all the trouble of moving. 

When we were picking paint colors, I remember the client saying “I don’t know what we would do without you.”

I recently helped them pick paint colors for an investment property and every time I go back to see them, I love seeing how warm and inviting we made this new construction home.

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Office Detail Interior Design Malvern PA

Goodbye builder white,
Hello, just right!

If you’d like some guidance on your Interior Design construction project near Malvern, PA, or throughout Philadelphia’s Western Suburbs, set up a free Discovery Call with me.

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