Victorian Bathroom transformation
by Main Line Interior Designer, Lisa Quale

Q:  What do you do when the Victorian dream home you bought has a tiny vanity in the bathroom your 3 college-aged kids share?

A:   Get the help of Main Line Interior Designer, Lisa Quale, and remodel it to be done in time for Thanksgiving Break! 

Before Picture
Bathroom Before

I had to work within the existing footprint of the room and with the multi-directional angled ceilings but knew I could find a way to get more storage.  I love solving this kind of interior design dilemma!  I came up with a new layout that makes this small space super-functional for a busy family. 

Main Line Interior Designer
Main Line Interior Designer

The 18” vanity became a 42” vanity and there is an additional 4 feet of floor to ceiling storage!  Everyone gets their own cabinet.   The tub was replaced with a roomy shower and we added a teak bench to take advantage of that difficult angled space.  

Most importantly, I handled the stress of construction managment, so my client could focus on her Thanksgiving hosting plans and the bathroom was done in time for the kids and visiting relatives to use for the holiday.  

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